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Call Us Today! We Love New Patients!
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Call Us Today! We Love New Patients!
(608) 274-4701


It is with sincere pleasure that I wish to thank you for providing excellent dental services for me for almost 20 years. You and your staff have always been kind and compassionate while delivering top-notch care. I feel that we have come to know each other well and that the trust that has been established between us has only improved my dental health. Now, a visit to see you is not frightening, and I know that whatever I might need for improved dental health will be provided by experienced, up-to-date, caring people who know me and care for my overall well being. Thank you and your co-workers for all that you have done.

D. Hendrickson
Madison, WI

I have the utmost confidence in your practice. I know you will do whatever is needed, and not more than is needed, to keep my and my family’s teeth and gums healthy. Your practice is clean, timely, well organized, and friendly from every vantage point, including the receptionists. Your practice is professional, yet not stuffy and impersonal, and I trust each and every one of you. I have confidence in my belief that your practice is dedicated to achieving the best that can be achieved in tandem with the patient. Most importantly, I know that any and all procedures will be done with the utmost integrity, comfort and class.

D. Spaulding
Madison, WI

The quality of care you provide has remained nothing short of superb.  As more and more dentists grow their practices into the biggest corporate offices possible, you have done the opposite and provided an increasingly personal experience that combines care, concern and compassion.     

R. Roeth
Madison, WI   
I will say that Dr. Richardson rescued my mouth. She took on what I thought was an impossible task and I might add, with very little pain. She gave me back my smile. I stayed with Dr. Richardson even after my HMO no longer covered her visits. Paying out-of-pocket is worth it to me for the satisfaction that I receive. Thank you, Dr. Richardson.

H. Patterson
Madison, WI

Dr. Pat Richardson embodies everything one could hope for in a dentist, the perfect combination of knowledge, skill and compassion. My gratitude to her extends far beyond the renewed health of my teeth and gums; I leave each visit with newly restored peace of mind as well. Thank you, Dr. Richardson, for everything.

D. Appleton
Madison, WI

During my first appointment with Dr. Richardson, I had complaints about the changes in my bite. After a thorough examination, Dr. Richardson suspected that I suffered from a tumor on my pituitary gland a - type of brain tumor. She was correct and it is probable that her knowledge saved my life. It is estimated that I had the tumor for 10 years and no one diagnosed it until Dr. Richardson examined me. It is an understatement that we are grateful for her depth of knowledge. And, the friendliness of the entire office staff is a great bonus. Roger and I are pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Dr. Richardson and her staff to each of you.

S. and R. Tordoff
Belleville, WI

If you are coming to Dr. Richardson’s office for the first time, you can expect excellent care from her and her staff. Dr. Richardson has served our family for many years and is one of the nicest people we have ever met.

K. and J. Berg
McFarland, WI

Our family has been patients of Dr. Patricia Richardson’s for 25 years. We have received exceptional care on a professional level as well as a personal level. She is excellent in her profession and very devoted to maintaining and providing continuous care. We are looking forward to many more years with her.

Jim, Deb, Steve, and Laura P.
Verona, WI 

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